Douglas Ernest Owner of Corvette Warehouse Dallas

 A picture of Douglas Ernest holding the American flag of 4111 Meadow Dr. Grapevine TX 76051

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Douglas Ernest - Operation Desert Storm - Liberation Day - February 28th, 1991

After serving our country on the frontline of Operation Desert Storm as a US Army Infantryman and graduating from Texas Christian University with a Bachelor's degree in Finance & Real Estate, Douglas Ernest knew that he had developed the skillset and temperment necessary to build a thriving business. In between military duties, traveling and training he enjoyed the feeling of riding in a two-seater Corvette with the top down on the freeway as he traveled the US serving at different units. He felt that everyone should get this experience from their vehicle and because of this, he contemplated owning and running a car dealership of his own. After getting the necessary training by working at a car dealership, he would work as a salesman for the dealership and within a few months, decided that he was ready to take it to the next level. Working 18 hour days, 7 days a week, Douglas Ernest used his savings to begin renting a indoor showroom to house Corvettes and purchased 3 Corvettes using a credit card at 18 percent interest. It was there and then that Corvette Warehouse was born. 

An early picture of Douglas J. Ernest.

Private First Class Douglas Ernest - Infantry/Airborne - July 7th, 1991

The business grew steadily over the next several years, Corvette Warehouse becoming a 7-figure company, with the inventory of cars becoming larger. Now, If this was a story meant for children, or a "fairy tale", we could end it right here and say that Douglas Ernest and his new company was an overnight successs and that he lived hapily ever after. If you've ever ran a business, and understand that 96% of businesses fail in the first two years, you'd know that pipe dreams are for the movies, and in order to achieve true success, you have to go through the fire. For Douglas Ernest, that is exactly what happened next. 

A pic of Douglas Ernest with several comrades on the battlefield.

Ralph Nader, Jerry Jones, Douglas Ernest, Mark White, and Alfred Brockington

 Operation Desert Storm 2/67 AR, 3rd BDE, 3rd AD

February 26th, 1991

The Dot Com Crash of the early 2000s did not only affect the technology sector. The crash wreaked havoc on the economy in many different industries, and sure enough, Douglas Ernest's thriving business took a significant hit. The recession that followed meant that the demand for hobby two-seater Corvettes, his primary focus, plummeted. What had once been his dream turned into a nightmare as he found himself drowning in $400,000 of debt from the Corvette Warehouse startup with no substantial assets aside from an unaffordable lease. The impact was painful. Douglas went from enjoying a six-figure income to being burdened with debt as a civilian and facing the struggles of serving in the U.S. Army Reserves during weekends, summers and mobiliization deployments. Juggling military duties and a failing business, he faced tremendous challenges and contemplated giving up. However, he found inspiration and encouragement from his late father, who urged him to persist. Eventually, the recession subsided, and the classic car industry experienced a remarkable resurgence. Douglas seized the opportunity and took bold action. He borrowed a staggering 1 million dollars to invest in classic Corvettes and ventured into personally backing auto loans on these vehicles, lending money at higher rates in order to keep the Corvette Warehouse business alive.

Photo of Douglas Ernest standing in front of an explosion during Operation Desert Storm.

Douglas Ernest 2/67 Armor - Operation Desert Storm - February 27th, 1991

Business was again booming for a few years and he thought the worst was over, but it was yet short-lived.  After enduring the trials and tribulations of the previous recession, Douglas Ernest found himself facing yet another economic downturn in 2007. This time, it felt like a crushing financial crisis  and depression rather than a mere recession. With a substantial inventory of forty corvettes and $500,000 in devalued receivables, Douglas was personally liable for this substantial amount. The car market plummeted, and within a short period, the value of the cars dropped by fifty percent. The financial market turmoil led to the call of his loan, leaving Douglas a whopping $1,000,000 in debt with devalued assets and depreciated cars.

A photo of an unnamed soldier next to a tank with Douglas J. Ernest standing on the top.

Lieutenant Douglas Ernest - Fort Knox, KY - October 16th, 1996

At this point, Douglas felt utterly defeated. Years of dedication and very hard work had left him financially devastated and burdened by insurmountable debt. Desperate to salvage what remained, he attempted to break his lease in which he was personally responsible. The request was denied by his landlord, Mr. Neil Felder, due to low occupancy in the commercial complex. Unexpectedly, this refusal became a turning point. Determined to keep his business afloat, Douglas worked tirelessly, putting in eighty-hour weeks and sleeping at the dealership. He sold whatever he could, even cheap Corvettes that were falling apart. To diversify his income, he ventured into selling parts, accessories, and offering Corvette oriented services. It was a grueling period, but the unwavering support and influence of his colleagues, Soldiers, and Commanders in the U.S. Army Reserves it kept him driven and determined.

A picture of Douglas Ernest leaning against his first Chevrolet

Douglas Ernest & his first Chevrolet - A 1992 Camaro

Despite the hardships serving in both Iraqi War efforts (1991, 2003), Douglas valued his experiences in the military. This was his lighthouse as he navigated the dark moments of growing a business. Serving alongside individuals from diverse backgrounds, he received invaluable training and worked with some of the brightest minds. Their collective dedication and resilience shaped his civilian career, providing him with the strength to persevere in his business endeavors. His mentors in the military encouraged him to keep the dealership open as he was deployed to the US/Mexico border in support of the Second Persian Gulf War. Douglas served almost a year in the small border town Rio Grande City, TX training US Army Reserve Soldiers that were being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. The Corvette Warehouse remained open and Douglas was barely able to keep it alive with a skeleton crew and low inventory.

A picture of an Army General standing next to Douglas J. Ernest. Picture of Douglas J Ernest receiving a pin for bravery on the battlefield

US Army - Douglas Ernest, Sergeant - May 1993 / Captain Promotion Ceremony - April 2003

Through unwavering dedication, restless nights, and the struggles of living on meager income, Douglas endured an arduous journey. However, the auto market gradually soared, catapulting his company to newfound strength and success. For over 27 years, Douglas Ernest has led the team at Corvette Warehouse and executed at such a level that the Corvette Warehouse is now known to be among the leading Corvette dealerships in America with the largest selection of Corvettes in the Southwestern United States. The days of overwhelming financial turmoil, with their daunting challenges, now fade into the past. Having overcome the formidable personally backed debts that once seemed unforgivably career-ending, Douglas stood firm, armed with invaluable lessons learned from the battlefield, leading his men to victory, and having been led by the finest commanding officers in the US ARMY. He embraces the blank canvas of opportunity that lies ahead, driven by a thirst for knowledge, personal growth, and fulfillment in his career.

The original Corvette Warehouse Owned by Douglas ErnestThe Showroom at Corvette Warehouse by Douglas Ernest

The Original Corvette Warehouse (1996) Dallas, TX - 35 & Royal Lane / Owner: Douglas Ernest

The story of Douglas Ernest exemplifies resilience, unwavering determination, and an indomitable spirit of triumph. Douglas' hope is that his customers can experience the same feelings, pleasure, and sense of goal attainment he has obtained from owning a Corvette. Through his story he envisions others overcoming challenges that encourage change in the swing of the pendelum as they dream, research, plan and eventually buy their dream Corvette. He appreciates and values the immense privledge he has been blessed with to hobby, work, and love these cars that have kept him determined to succeed as he defied the odds.

Picture of the owner Douglas J Ernest of 4111 Meadow Ln Grapevine Texas

Douglas Ernest (Age 50) President, Corvette Warehouse


A pic of Chevy Corvettes, one red and one gray, inside of a showroom.

Corvette Warehouse Mission Statement

Corvette Warehouse has the best team working together to make ready and sell Corvettes to our customers that increases their happiness and provides us the immense privilege to strategically work with and help them accomplish their goals and achieve their aspirations.


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