Meet Pauly of Corvette Warehouse Dallas Texas


Pauly Ernest in the Army before Corvette Warehouse in Dallas Texas.

Pauly Ernest (Age 18) Fort Knox, KY - "Scout's Out"

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Pauly Ernest discovered his love of Corvettes, cars, and motorcycles from a very early age. His grandfather owned a used car dealership called Center Motors at which Pauly and his father would work side by side starting at the age of 14. His deepest passion was for motorcycles and sports cars, but more specifically, Corvettes. After high school, Pauly spent years serving his country in the US Army as a 19D Scout. In the year 2000, Pauly began to buy Corvettes for Corvette Warehouse which led him to permanently move to Texas in 2014 springing a sales career with the company.

At 4111 meadow dr. Grapevine TX 76051, Paul standing by the wall at Corvette Warehouse.

Pauly Ernest (Age 48) Corvette Warehouse, General Manager

Pauly expresses that his biggest motivation comes from assisting their customer’s desire to make their dream car a reality and his number one goal as the Corvette Warehouse leader is to build a lasting relationship with his customer base. Pauly has become an integral part of the growth at Corvette Warehouse where he plans to continue for many years to come. Pauly is the General Manager of Corvette Warehouse having been with the company for over 23 years.

Pauly’s Quote: “Who’s Got My Money?!?!?!”

Pauly’s Favorite Corvette: C7 Grand Sport

Fun Fact: Pauly has owned four Corvettes and they were all Grand Sports!