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Rest in peace JD Henderson
Rest in peace JD Henderson
Rest in peace JD Henderson
Rest in peace JD Henderson

In Loving Memory of JD Henderson

Gerald Dale Henderson, a beloved son, husband, father, and our dearest friend departed this world to be with his Lord on September 27th at the age of 53 after a courageous battle with esophagus cancer. His passing leaves a profound void in the hearts of those fortunate enough to know him. Born on March 25th, 1970, JD lived a life of love, kindness, and unwavering strength. He faced the challenges of his illness with remarkable courage, inspiring everyone around him with his resilience and positive spirit. Throughout his journey, JD never allowed cancer to overshadow the warmth of his smile or the depth of his sense of humor. JD worked until one week before he was admitted to hospice care, showing his tenacity for his career and passion for Corvettes. His nickname was the “Bulldog” at Corvette Warehouse because he always worked hard and smartly to hit his targets and constantly made progress in life!

As a devoted husband, JD shared a bond with his spouse, Maria Henderson, that transcended the trials of illness. Their love story, marked by moments of joy and shared strength, and the commitment to serving God is a testament to the enduring power of love in the face of adversity. May the Lord bless Maria and their family.

A dedicated father, JD leaves behind a legacy of love and guidance. His three children and three grandchildren carry with them the lessons he imparted and the cherished memories of laughter, support, and shared dreams. One of JD's most proud moments in his life was when his children watched him be baptized in Euless, TX. JD embraced every opportunity to create lasting moments with his family, etching a mark on their hearts. 

In the wider circle of friends and colleagues, JD will be remembered for his generosity, wisdom, and the genuine connections he forged. His impact on the lives of those around him is a testament to the positive influence he wielded, even during his own struggles. JD “penciled” deals for tens of thousands of Corvettes at Corvette Warehouse. In his position, he oversaw the contracting for over 10,000 Corvettes. His legacy will reside with all of us who worked with him and the customers he served at our store as he shared in their journey to own a Corvette.

May JD rest in eternal peace in Mansfield, TX, free from the pain that marked his final days. Amid our sorrow, let us find solace in the memories we shared and the passion for life he contributed to our lives that will endure. RIP JD!


At 4111 meadow dr. Grapevine TX, Picture of JD in Corvette Warehouse owned by Douglas Ernest.

JD Henderson - Corvette Warehouse - Finance Director & Comptroller

Jerry "JD" Henderson was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, growing up with a love for baseball, football, and fast cars. He started in the car business in 1996, selling cars at David McDavid. After four years in sales, Jerry was promoted to Finance, where he spent the next 24 years becoming the best in his field.

Baby pic of JD at 4111 Meadow Ln Grapevine TX 76051 Douglas Ernest


Starting April 1st, 2011, he has been with Corvette Warehouse for over 12 years and is the Finance Director and Comptroller. Jerry possesses the epitome of “the fighter spirit,” having battled Stage IV Esophageal cancer since December 2022.

Pic of JD with a puppy

JD is married to the love of his life, Maria Araujo-Henderson, and is the father of 3 children, stepfather of 3 children, and Grandfather to 3 children as well.


Pic of JD with his daughter.

JD's Favorite Corvette: C7 Grand Sport

Fun Fact: Jerry is an avid St. Louis Cardinal fan and loves the Dallas Cowboys (America's Team)!

At 4111 meadow dr. Grapevine TX, you will find JD's business card.