Texas Corvette Association Open Car Show

Texas Corvette Association Open Car Show 2024: A Premier Event for Corvette Enthusiasts

Date: April 19-21, 2024
Location: Main Street, Boerne, TX

The Texas Corvette Association Open Car Show is one of the largest and most anticipated Corvette events in the region. Set in the charming town of Boerne, TX, this three-day event promises an exciting lineup of activities for Corvette enthusiasts of all ages. With its blend of stunning car displays, social gatherings, and a scenic cruise, the event not only celebrates the Corvette legacy but also supports a noble cause by benefiting St. Jude's Ranch for Children Texas.

Event Highlights

The Texas Corvette Association Open Car Show is packed with activities designed to delight both Corvette owners and fans. Here’s what you can expect from this spectacular event:

Friday: Meet and Greet

The festivities kick off on Friday evening with a meet and greet at The Kronkosky Place in Boerne. This gathering is an excellent opportunity for attendees to connect, share stories, and build friendships. Featuring delicious food, a cash bar, and the chance to win fantastic door prizes, the meet and greet sets the tone for the weekend.

Saturday: Open Car Show

Saturday is the main event, featuring an open car show that transforms Main Street into a dazzling display of automotive excellence. With over 450 Corvettes and other classic cars on display, attendees can admire a wide variety of vehicles, from meticulously restored classics to modern high-performance models. The show attracts car enthusiasts from all over Texas and beyond, making it a highlight of the regional car show calendar.

Sunday: Scenic Cruise

The weekend concludes with a scenic cruise through the picturesque Texas Hill Country on Sunday. This drive offers participants a chance to enjoy the beautiful landscapes while bonding with fellow Corvette enthusiasts. The cruise culminates with a delicious lunch at the historic Y.O. Ranch Hotel in Kerrville, providing a perfect ending to an unforgettable weekend.

Supporting a Noble Cause

One of the most important aspects of the Texas Corvette Association Open Car Show is its commitment to giving back to the community. Proceeds from the event benefit St. Jude's Ranch for Children Texas, an organization dedicated to providing healing and hope to children and families affected by abuse, neglect, and homelessness. By participating in the event, attendees are not only indulging in their passion for Corvettes but also supporting a worthy cause.

Why Attend the Texas Corvette Association Open Car Show?
Celebrate the Corvette Legacy

The Texas Corvette Association Open Car Show is a celebration of the Corvette legacy. From the classic lines of the C5 Corvette to the modern innovations of the C7 Corvette, the event showcases the evolution of this iconic sports car. Enthusiasts can explore a diverse range of Corvettes, each representing a unique chapter in the car's storied history.

Connect with Fellow Enthusiasts

One of the best parts of attending the Texas Corvette Association Open Car Show is the chance to connect with fellow Corvette enthusiasts. Whether you own a Corvette or simply admire these incredible vehicles, you'll find a welcoming community of like-minded individuals. The event provides numerous opportunities for networking, sharing tips, and making new friends who share your passion for Corvettes.

Experience a Variety of Activities

The Texas Corvette Association Open Car Show offers a variety of activities to keep attendees engaged throughout the weekend. From the social meet and greet to the extensive car displays and the scenic cruise, there’s something for everyone. The event also features vendor booths, exclusive merchandise, live entertainment, and delicious food, ensuring a fun and memorable experience for all.

Tips for Attending

To make the most of your experience at the Texas Corvette Association Open Car Show, consider the following tips:

Register Early: Ensure your spot by registering for the event as early as possible. Early registration often includes benefits such as discounted fees and exclusive event merchandise.
Book Accommodation: Boerne is a popular destination, so it’s wise to book your accommodation early. Many hotels offer special rates for event attendees.
Prepare Your Corvette: Make sure your Corvette is in top condition before the event. Whether you’re displaying it or participating in the cruise, a well-maintained car will enhance your experience.
Stay Informed: Follow the Texas Corvette Association on social media and check their website for the latest updates and information about the event.