Meet Phil of Corvette Warehouse Dallas Texas



At 4111 meadow dr. Grapevine TX, Picture of Phil standing in front of Corvette Warehouse poster owned by Douglas Ernest.

Phil Lyon (Age 74) - Corvette Warehouse - Sales

Phil Lyon was raised as a 4th generation Texan in Pleasant Grove, TX, part of South Dallas. He takes great pride in being of the first ever graduating class of H. Grady Spruce High School in 1963. Shortly after graduating, he proudly served in the US Air Force as an Airman & Sergeant. His career in the Air Force involved him serving overseas in places such as Saudi Arabia, Africa, and Europe. Phil also was part of the White Flag Operations that worked to conduct peace and truce, and later worked in private security. In May of 1978, he entered into the automobile business and started selling cars which at 74 years old, he continues to this day. As a 46 year veteran of the industry, he sees selling cars for Corvette Warehouse as a privilege and has done so for over 20 years.

Phil’s Favorite Corvette: C7 Grand Sport, 16’ and above.

Fun Fact: He remembers when Douglas J Ernest, the owner of Corvette Warehouse, would stay up late into the night working at the dealership, then sleep in the office on a tiny black couch, only to awaken a couple hours later, put on his hat and do it all over again! Those were the days!